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1. If employability support is working well in Fife, what would be different for the people who need/want support?

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  • Auldseacook
    Auldseacook  • 2020-07-02 09:35:01

    If Employment support was working well the people who need/ want support is would be more visible. I only discovered it by chance in the Queen Margaret hospital physio dept; a brief poster in a less than prominent position. It was not even mentioned at an interview at the job centre, being advised to claim ESA only. I spent/wasted months searching for help and/or guidance with none being Apparent to me in the public domain or suggested by various agencies.
    At times I was feeling quite worthless after spending my life working.

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  • David Scott
    David Scott  • 2020-06-27 23:26:56

    First thing is first if the government want disabled people to work they need to stop going too fast and work at our level of understanding. It may because there Mentally Unwell or Learning Disability. When I was at a day centre based in Leven I wanted at work placement but they were not taken it at my pace. in 2017 I had to leave because I had little Relapse with my Bipolar. Taken too much on they can't expect us to work if there overload us.

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