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Investment projects with scope: Guardbridge

This heading has a budget of £20,000

Community Garden Seating

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge has a Community Garden with regular Friday morning gardening sessions, the seating that is there has come to the end of its lifespan and needs replacing, the Garden is also used by the School. The project will improve facilities at the Garden for visitors.  The new seats would be much nicer it sit on and listen to the birds around the garden and enjoy the open space. The cost is £700.


Community Garden Storage

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

 Guardbridge has a Community Garden with regular Friday morning gardening sessions, a storage facility would assist with these sessions and volunteers not having to carry equipment with them. The project will make work at the Garden much easier for the volunteers.  The cost is £200.


Picnic Area Seating

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge has a Picnic Area in the layby and one of the seats has been damaged, this would be a replacement.   The project will improve the facilities at the picnic area for anyone stopping there to enjoy the green open space. The cost will be £700.74.


Community Cabin - Equipment

2020-10-22  •  bmitchell  •  Guardbridge

The Trust was in the process to creating a community cabin by renting the portacabin section at the bowling club.  This ceased to due COVID-19.  However we will re-start the process when it is safe and permitted to do so.

We would like to purchase some equipment for when this happens.  Approximate costs are as follows:-

Small fridge £200;  2 electric heaters £100;  Power tools for men's shed activities £1,000;  Gardening tools £100;  PPE Vests £100;  Total £1.500


600th Wardlaw Bridge Celebrations

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

The Wardlaw Bridge (Old Eden Bridge) was 600 years old in 2019.  Plans for celebrations in late summer 2019 were suddenly brought to a halt when work to repair the bridge started in June without advance notice.  As the works were expected to be finished by November, it was agreed to hold celebrations in 2020, however these celebrations have not yet happened with Covid-19 and we hope it will be third time lucky for 2021. A variety of events from small to large have been discussed and started planning, in the hope that residents would find something that they’d enjoy and want to join in with to help celebrate the historic bridge, in its natural setting and open space environment. Planning for events was started by Guardbridge Community Council with support and organisational help from Guardbridge Community Development Trust. Permission had already been received from the University to hold events in the Eden Nature Reserve Park, permission was awaited from Fife Council once planning had been completed, from conversations there would not have been an issue, but a new submission will be required post Covid-19. The cost is £3,000.00.


Calisthenics Park

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

The Project is to build a calisthenics park (also called Street Workout) which consists of several different pull-up bars, parallettes bars, monkey bars together called a rig or frame. The aim of which is to support bodyweight training but also provide a great place for children and adults to have fun and learn new skills.  The equipment is very simplistic and has very low maintenance costs, there are not any parks like this in Fife, East coast, or Dundee.  A calisthenics park in our area will provide a unique opportunity to bring the community together where people could meet up to train together, learn new skills, and tackle social isolation within Guardbridge.  Calisthenics (street workout) is a form of physial training focused on mastering bodyweight and suitable for people of every age.  a Calisthenics park is a fantastic and unique facility to support training without spending money on costly gym memberships and will promote and help people become more active or improve their health and wellbeing.  Additionaly, it will be a great place for young people where they can keep fit, be active, learn great skill and encourge them to go out.  Calisthenics is getting more and more popular and based on the research there are not any proper Calisthenics parks in the area and only a few in the whole of Scotland, Guardbride could become one of few places where this facility is available.


Outdoor Exercise Equipment

2020-10-30  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Exercise Equipment in the Park – we all benefit from being in the great outdoors and getting fresh air, why not also enjoy some exercise equipment, suitable for all levels of fitness.  The project will improve the exercise facilities at the park and enable people to have a sense of health and wellbeing while enjoying the green open space.  It will reduce inequalities by residents not have to pay for a gym membership. This project will cost £14,000.


Christmas Lights

2020-10-20  •  bmitchell  •  Guardbridge

To provide some more Christmas lights for the village.  Last year the Trust arranged for the installation of three Christmas lights on Main Street.  Approximate costs based on last years expenditure would be:-   Conversion of three lamp posts to be able to hold lighting features - Fife Council £1,200;  Purchase of three new lighting dislplays - 3 x £200 = £600; and fitting, removal, storage and checking/servicing of lighting displays £400;  Total of £2,000.    Proposed timescale July - December 2021. 


Community noticeboard for Innerbridge Street

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

A noticeboard at the Innerbridge Street area would be a useful addition to the Community to keep them informed.  The cost is £700.


Pop Up Bob

2020-10-26  •  Admin  •  Guardbridge

Guardbridge had a Community Speed Watch Team last summer and in between time Police Scotland located a Pop up Bob in the Community, to help with speed compliance, this would ensure he could Pop up more often in our community.  The equipment would be lodged with Police Scotland.  The project will make Guardbridge a safer place to live and address community concerns over speeding.  The cost will be £219.60.